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Universal Coin and Bullion expert Mike Fuljenz of Beaumont, Texas recommends NGC and PCGS certification as protection from coin scams and frauds involving Chinese counterfeiting of American and foreign coins.


Mike Fuljenz was formerly a grader, authenticator and seminar instructor for the American Numismatic Association. Mr. Fuljenz is also an ANA Presidential Service Award recipient.

These are the two leading national authentication and grading services for rare coins in the opinion of Mike Fuljenz of Beaumont, Texas, who won three Numismatic Literary Guild Awards in 2009. Both of these services have been in business for over twenty years are industry recognized and exhibit at leading money conventions. These American businesses grade and authenticate coins and employ many of the universally recognized best coin and bullion authenticators and graders. These companies market their services to reduce the chances buyers from the young to the elderly will be the victim of rare or bullion coin fraud or scams due to counterfeits or misrepresentation of a rare coin’s condition or grade. This reduces some of the risks that could result in buyers resorting to using lawyers or lawsuits to resolve related disputes.

Mike Fuljenz further notes, “In a time when the universal threat of Chinese gold and silver counterfeit coins are high, it’s good to have NGC and PCGS in reserve, so to speak.”

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